Located in Untergiesing, the new creative hotstpot of Munich, and established in 2008, aVOIR offers all necessary services to bring your project to life. From the first idea to the final product. Over the years we have realized a bunch of projects in many different areas of the digital content creation. Ranging from motion graphics and on-air-design up to complex visual effects for motion pictures and commercials. And last but not least, projects resulting in an unbeatable interaction and haptic experience for your customers: Print and packaging!

In the early days we were primarily tasked with the realization of certain parts of a production. Today many of our clients not only entrust us with the entire execution of a project but also with its creative development. Due to the constantly rising demands on visual quality and complexity, the production of computer generated content gets more and more sophisticated and specialized. Therefore the development and conception of those projects gets more and more difficult for someone who isn’t really familiar with the digital production techniques. There is a risk that the realization of an extensive concept exceeds the intended time-frame or budget or that the enormous opportunities of a digital realization aren’t used well. But here at aVOIR we actually are familiar with the production techniques and do have the necessary skills to exactly tailor a unique concept according to all your wishes and demands. No matter how large or small your budget is, with us you can be sure to get the biggest bang for your buck!

Ok, if you made it until here and you’re still hungry for more information about aVOIR, just call us or take a look at our FAQ page. There is a good chance you might find the information you were looking for.