For the launch of the new pay-TV channel Sony Entertainment Television in Germany, aVOIR was allowed to develop and design diverse kinds of promotion materials. Highlight during the introduction phase was a big launch event at the famous Praterinsel in Munich. Besides the invitation cards and a really big press kit including a digital picture frame – exactly, from Sony – we designed beverage menus, paper bags, posters,… and of course a huge photo wall for all the invited stars and starlets of the event. And now guess what brand the smartphones were you could win during the launch party?

Just a few years after its successful start, Sony Entertainment Television was renamed Sony Channel and got a revamped on-air design. In contrast to the new name and the new appearance, the focus of the program stayed the same: high-class TV series from all over Europe. Simultaneously to its costume change Sony Channel started to expand to Austria as well. In order for these changes to succeed aVOIR again created the communication materials. Of course, all dressed in the new blue of Sony Channel.

SONY Entertainment Television, launch press kit, concept sketch a

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